Monday, February 13, 2012

My first fashion show NYC FW 2012

Last week, I attended the WHIT FW Fall 2012 show. It was FUN! In full disclosure, it tweaked my confidence bone. I'm a mom of two, I work out of my home office, we moved out of the city…could I possibly fit in with this crowd? As a wise friend told me, "no one fits in with this crowd!" HA!

After I chewed on my nails for a minute or two, I dove right it…aaannnd decided I had to go shopping. So, 'round all my favorite places I went. And, came up ZERO. It's true, I panicked. Then, as another wise friend answered simply to my flurry of texts, "you're over thinking this. Put on something that makes you feel great, and just go and be you." 

wow, I've got some great friends, don't I?

With my head and heart together, I made one more stop, because I always find something I love that is SO totally me in this store. GenaLisa. It's a lingerie store, but she's got all sorts of goodies and she's an outfit guru. After Gena poked a little fun at me, "Rebecca, I know you've got some clothes in your closet!" She pulled together an outfit idea that was just right. for me. It wasn't over thought, it wasn't over done. I was comfortable, AND I felt cute and sexy. And, best part? I wasn't thinking about the outfit anymore. I was back to having fun. I felt just like me.

I know I've spent a long time on this whole outfit thing. But, your clothes are wearable art, really. Well, it is for some of us anyhow :) As an adult, you pick your clothes as a reflection and/or an expression of who you are inside, or who you want to seen as. When I put on the outfit, I felt fully that me on the inside was meeting the outside, even if in just a small way. Granted, I knew I had to open my mouth and chat as well!

It's true for baby clothes too. When you pick-up your first little outfit for your baby, what are you thinking of…dreaming of? Your sweet little baby's chunky little arms and legs? How it would feel to hold your baby in these clothes? Your sense of humor? Your aesthetic taste and style? It's more than that, you're not only picking baby clothes as a reflection of your style, it's also about you as the parent you are and want to be. You select organic, or socially responsible, or environmentally credible, or a brand that supports a cause you believe in…The kind of person you dream your baby will become, your hopes and dreams, and what that looks like to you. 

Make no mistake. Buying clothes is a very emotional purchase, and never so much as buying for your child. But, that is only half of it. Much like my FW week outfit, the clothes are just the outside. Beyond that, you actually have to open your mouth and BE you. And with baby clothes, beyond the clothes, you actually have to BE the parent.

I am so proud, and beyond thrilled, knowing our line stands for more than just cute clothes (which they are), deliciously soft high quality fabrics (which they are), beautiful artwork (which they have). This line is a point of connection with your child. An opportunity for you to embrace the moment and be YOU, as a parent with your child. 

So, wow, I thought I was just going to post some pictures this morning! But, here it goes, my night at the fashion show! If you have it, play: The third of the storms. - Mike Simonetti, Capricorn Rising. Just a little mood music!

the outfit.
tank top, leggings and necklace all from GenaLisa.
shirt from my closet!
the boots.
harley davidson boots from GenaLisa. I ADORE them!
the city.
sun was going down as I turned off the west side highway 
the place.
it just looks like you're going to have fun here
the floor.
next stop: THE MOON!
 the stage
funny little story here. I didn't know what the "s" meant.  
the ceiling
i loved the pattern this made
the runway.
show hadn't started yet, everyone beginning to gather

the people.
WHIT clothes were awesome! also fun to see the outfits finding their seats :)

the room
I was lucky to be able to join the WHIT room.
did I mention this is my brother and his partner's brand? 
the view.
my brother checking things out
 the press.
flashes going off everywhere!
 the woman.
the show is over.
one of my brother's partner's, lots of talking and celebrating
 the end.
the full moon shining over my driveway as I arrived back home


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I never knew I wanted a pair like these so much. Gena picked them out, and I put them on and was like, YES! :)

  2. LOVE the whole outfit!!! You RAWK Momma!!

  3. Marin Bach-AntonsonFebruary 13, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    Yay!! u are a Hot Mama. So "proud" of you for getting there!!

    1. Thank you, Marin :) ...for everything XO

  4. Hot mama in the house!! Love those boots.

    1. Thank you, love!! See you soon!! ...sans boots, it's too hot... ;)