Wednesday, February 15, 2012

lots of love

We like to call our favorite events "seasons" in my family. We all enjoy a good birthday season lasting approximately a full month. No kidding! I know Valentine's Day is over commercialized. But, conceptually, I love a day devoted to love. Because I don't think we should be limited to one day, ~ although it serves as a good reminder when we realize, once again, how good it feels to give and get waves of love ~ I'm calling it…this week it's the season of love

What do you love??

this man.
Where would I be without this man? My partner in making dreams come true.

these babies.
They teach me more about the person I am, and want to be, than anyone or anything.

this spoon.
Purchased 15 years ago!! Little friend has lost prongs, and is covered in heat scars. I've searched for replacements and come up empty. Just might be the last spoon of it's kind. On earth. I'll probably be unable to part with it at this point, anyhow. We've come through too much together. On diets, off diets, dinners alone, dinner dates, family dinners. I. Love. You. Pasta Spoon!

this necklace.
Bought by myself, for myself, after Ava was born. I read an article @ the designer,
HollyMariejewelry, and fell in love. When Jonah was born, I sent it back to her to add him.
This is my favorite piece of jewelry I own. People always stop me and ask where I got it, &
when Ava has tough day, she asks me to wear it, so she is close to my heart. Can't beat that. 

this coffee.
Their Kona Blend might be the best coffee I've ever had.

this picture.
This pic is on  my personal vision board on  pinterest. I just don't get tired of looking at it. 

this place.
 Sunset @ Madaket beach, Nantucket, ma. we fell in love here. we were engaged here. our family grew here.
It has one of the best sunsets you will find anywhere. All you have to do is walk on over and enjoy.
photo: wonderground

this nail polish.
my glitter girl got it from somewhere :) this is from butter london. color is all hail the queen.

this bear
I've always had a thing for bears.  I love this big guy. artist sarah maycock.  

this quote
very inspired by this quote right now as a mother and an entrepreneur.
author unknown

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