Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Friday and I'm laughing!

I was sooo trying to be efficient and leave the house with a dish for the potluck dinner party, and my two kids. 

All we had to do was assemble and leave. Yup. That's all we had to do.

A girl can dream...

Me: Ava, Jonah! Let's go!!
Jonah: no response
Ava: but, um... one minute, mama
Me: Sweetie, we don't have one minute. We have to go now.
Ava: But, MOM!, I'm turning myself into a butterfly!!

It took her five minutes to strip to nothing, put on wings, dig out the Halloween face paint and almost finish painting her face. We could all learn a lesson from her on efficiency.

Fast forward 10 minutes to me chasing my naked girl, as my son tries to join forces in a show nudity strength, while she is singing/shouting, "My butt is on fire!!" No clue what was about.

Truly, this is some of the best stuff as a parent. I can't tell you what she was thinking, but I'm so glad I was there to witness it!!

We have a choice during these moments to turn away from the wild imaginations and amazing humor of our children. We also have a choice to be right there, in the moment with them, and just soak up the wellspring of FUN. 

So here is to good humor and hilarity, a beautiful weekend ahead, and stuff that makes me laugh. Enjoy!

I have so many pics of my kids, like this one. My favorites of newborn Ava are with
her pants hiked up super high. Is it wrong to laugh at with our kids? I say NO!
Who doesn't love a good funny face??

I love this! Doesn't it totally convey the emotional message?
The font selection was perfect, movie reference (drama)...
Simple + smart + funny = My fav combo!
Some people might call me dramatic... WTF? :) jk...sorta

One of the greatest beauties of children. Blind Faith. Ava decided the other evening that we could just whip out building a new house in the back yard for her and Jonah to play in.  THAT NIGHT. With big, blue eyes blinking at me, she explained to me that we just needed to get some wood, hammer, nails, glue and paint. Voila! It reminded me how much faith our children put into us. I remember looking at them when they were newborns and thinking, look at this person just literally putting themselves into my hands. wow


Has anyone NOT been on sh*t my kids ruined?? It's a good laugh when your children are demolishing your home. This pic, below, Reminds me of when our toilet that overflowed last week. 
Ava was chucking wads of TP into the bowl bc it was making Jonah laugh.
How they discovered this laughter venue?? No clue. But, it was good times with TP nevertheless
aw, buddy. a good thing went a little too far?

This one is sooo

aaand clearly every endeavor can't be perfect.
But, perfect isn't always perfect, you know?
It can be awesome, and funny, and one of your best memories.
This KILLED me. Like head down on my desk laughing.

Sometimes you look back and just wonder what you were thinking. 
Don't you love this kid, though?! She's just chilling out, happy as can be.

What's the funniest thing you've seen or heard in a while?
What are your funny stories about your children?
Share some!!


  1. This one was bad but funny.

  2. Evan, is this you again? I've seen that pic all over FB, etc. It's so, so wrong. LOL