Tuesday, June 25, 2013

every sweaty little head, and all the dirty little feet

last year was our first summer "out of school." short days and part-time weeks. it seemed as though the whole summer was stretched out before me. long, sunny days of laughter, pool and play.

enter, reality.

i was late. every day. i was juggling our line launch, play dates, general entertainment and hygiene. no one ever got a big enough piece of me. worst of all, the summer flew by before i knew it.

near and dear to my heart is embracing the moment. belle&beanzer is built on that foundational feeling and action. so... this summer i'm committed to a different reality.

enter, adventure friday!!

every friday will bring a new and spontaneous adventure, even if it's just our back yard. it's about being present and enjoying this time. right now. my family and i will never be who we are right. now. i want to savor every sweaty little head and all the dirty little feet.

i'll be posting our little adventures and hope it will inspire your family to create space & opportunity for connection with each other!

how are you embracing the moment this summer? i'd love to hear from you!