Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Christmas in July: working with entrepreneurial teens, holiday samples, and our new photo contest!

it's THE entrepreneurial adventure!! really! no, really! as in the entrepreneurial adventure teen camp, created and facilitated by jonathan fanning. he leads the teens through a week long experiential, interactive, teen-directed camp where they literally touch on all aspects of what it means to be an entrepreneur. Such as: meeting local business owners of varying sized businesses, negotiating rental agreements and financials, writing a business plan, pitching said business plan, consulting marketing experts and creating a marketing strategy, discussing how to get a small business loan at a bank...just to name a few... as an adult friend of mine just recently said, why can't i go too?!

as a friend, i've been on the sidelines watching jonathan do his entrepreneur thing. so, when he asked me to be a part of his most recent camp it was a definite YES!

i met the EITs (entrepreneurs in training) at b&b hq as i returned from a business trip from la, just a wee bit jet lagged and not sure what to expect. what was required of me? let a room full of teens review my baby clothes business, have my social networking strategy reviewed by an expert (i'm weak, folks!), and ultimately work with the kids on a piece of my marketing strategy. nope, nothing there to make me at all nervous.

cut to the awesome end…
• social networking expert and entrepreneur, andrew torba, of kuchoon gave me some great advice: i'm using too many !!!!! i'm not communicating regularly enough!!! watch the punctuation!!! and seriously, we watched 2 amazingly inspired videos:

• the teens were awesome: teens and baby clothes? unlikely match and yet they invested themselves in the purpose of belle&beanzer's line, and because of them we are now working on an amazing new idea for our holiday launch. alll their idea! 

newsletter folks, check your inboxes because details of the embracing the moment photo contest are coming your way! what? you're not subscribed? no worries, click here. not a newsletter kind of person, no prob, you wont miss out, we'll be posting details.

august is a funny month. the days are hot and nights are cool. it's bittersweet and exhilarating, isn't it?
that's sorta how we feel here at belle&beanzer. this moment, right now, as we are literally on the cusp of bringing our line to families everywhere, it's pretty amazing, and we're embracing it.

i was going to end there, but i couldn't help it... in case you missed our post yesterday, our holiday 2012 samples are starting to roll in! more on this very soon!