Monday, January 28, 2013

Being Hands ON while being Hands Free

@belleanbeanzer easy back elastic opening available in romper and roo styles

@belleandbeanzer's big love blanket, shaped like a heart with "wings" making it an easy extension of you while you nurse,  an easy swaddle, play/changer mat and the unique "heart shape" design is perfect for strollers: doesn't get caught in the wheels!
we love this post below (via @handsfreemama). it's a simple reminder that we can create powerful opportunities for connecting even when were crazy busy. belle&beanzer believes that dressing your child is an intimate time of connection and we design opportunities for that into our line by creating garments that are easy (and soft, sweet and meant to last) 

this post is great reminder to create time where you are giving full undivided attention when connecting with your children. here's the added bonus, YOU benefit too! a few minutes fully tapped into your child is like a big gulp of feel good. you're bound to feel refreshed, more a live and just happy.  


"Putting away the electronic devices during 3 specific times in my children's day has made a huge impact on my ability to grasp the moments that matter. I frequently revisit these words by Dr. Janet Lansbury to remind myself of these 3 important times. She writes, 

" ... this study affirms that our children are especially desirous of our attention at certain sensitive times:

* when we reconnect after a separation
* when they are performing or exerting themselves (like on the soccer field)
* during meals

When parents text on the car ride home, check email at the soccer game, or are glued to their laptops during social or intimate activities like mealtimes, they aren’t providing the connectivity a child needs.

Physical proximity to a loved one is not enough for any of us. Even our newborn infants know the difference between the distracted parent and one who is really with them. Our spouses, friends and older family members might ask us to turn off our devices. As the study shows, our children probably won’t. Our babies can’t ...

Honest acknowledgement of this issue can only make our lives better. Since reading the article, I’ve already become more conscious of setting some new boundaries, carving out more sacred time with my kids. The effort it takes me to unplug is making me value the time with my children even more — it feels all the more special.

Modern technology is unquestionably a blessing. And its biggest gift of all is the realization that life’s best moments happen when we can put it away. "
-Dr. Janet Lansbury

Click the link to be reminded of the most important times to be "Hands Free." May it offer a chance to grasp a precious hello, a smile from the field, and meaningful dinner conversation in the week ahead."


Friday, January 25, 2013

Puttin' the love in it! LOVE goes with anything!

anyone else been battling a cold/flu season? just teetering on feeling really bad, but not quite?
nursing their children back to health? think you're over it, just to get slammed again?
avoiding their bffs so you don't chance it... repeat scenario? 

we have. 

i found this in ava's room on a tour of duty picking up, wiping down, dropping off...

the rules when you're SICK
1. do not drink much milk (drink much milk was a tough combo to sound out)
2. do not eat sugar
3. drink special juice (more on that in a minute)
4. rest
5. eat breakfast
6. open, as needed

we decided to make a nice healthy spicy vegetarian soup to feed our bodies with good stuff. i still haven't convinced Ava to try it, but she liked making it, adding her own special ingredient!

"mama, i'm puttin' the love in. ...because love goes with anything"

i'm including our recipe for "special juice" that I make for the kids when they're
under the weather or not feeling well. both of them really enjoy it, and enjoy making it.
i'm obligated to let you know that i am not remotely a doctor or advising anyone ;) 

special juice
1 cup of brewed and cool throat coat tea.
mix equal parts: tea, coconut water, apple juice (or juice they like)
fill child's cup 3/4 the way with mixture and add: 
vitamin D drop
children's liquid multivitamin
elderberry syrup
pro biotic
a little mix or shake and enjoy! 

speaking of puttin' the love in it! we are LOVING what is coming up for rest of this winter and spring!! FUN share ahead! think uplifting, inspired, and colorful! 

happy friday, all!


Monday, January 21, 2013

ask yourself a question

this biggest high of 2012 was when the boxes of production arrived for our holiday launch line arrived. i was excited, really, really excited! i had been working on this since the winter of 2009. but, that paled in comparison to how my children reacted when I told them that was what all the boxes were.  It went something like this...

me: hey, guys, see all those boxes? those are the baby clothes mommy has been working on.
ava & jonah: WHAT?!! CAN WE SEE? (jumping up and down and clapping)
me: of course! 
~ hear road runner meep-meep and a trail of dust as the kids tear off for the the boxes 
me: okay, hang on, let me get there too
 jonah (3yr): mommy! they're here! I can't believe they're finally here!!
ava, ava!! we're going to open the boxes!! I can't believe it! 
me: pulling the VERY first romper from a box and holding the finished product in my hands
ava (6yr): whips said romper out of my hands...
oh. my. god. MOMMY!! it is so, so, so, so adorable!!...hugs romper
me: speechless. touched BEYOND belief. (thank you, babies!!)

here's the thing, i knew they knew what I was doing. many an afternoon Ava would be drawing at her desk, and I am mine with Jonah on my lap. what i never anticipated was how invested THEY were in all of this.

i started this business to pursue a dream doing something i love & have passion for. creatively fulfill a gap & real need in the childrens/childrenswear market. build a business with a new life integrated business model. do all this while being present & connected with my own family. 

it hasn't always been easy, we have to embrace all the moments, right. not just the awesome ones :) 
but, wow... that moment...that was a BIG one.

2012 recap: dream - actively being pursued. gap - fulfilling it.
building business - building. present with my family - more than I realized.  

Q: what do we desire at belle&beanzer? 
A: to strengthen the connection between parent and child through smart design. to bring inspired products with purpose and integrity to families. to be in-service to families by solving real every day stress. by solving those problems, through smart design, to create opportunities for families to embrace the moment and connect. 

happy new year everyone! we are very excited to introduce more awesome stuff from belle&beanzer this year! new artwork is soon to be uploaded on our website, spring 2013 will be coming in soon, holiday 2013 samples on it's heels, attending the trade shows this year... big fun, ahead!! 

enjoy this video, below, (thanks, mom!) and answer for yourself  (we'd love to see your comments) 
what if money were no object - what do you desire?