Thursday, January 12, 2012

It was a big, busy day…

So, yesterday was my big, busy day in NYC. 
I had meetings, and shopping, and decisions to make. 

It was a great day, and I was EXHAUSTED by the end.
All hyped up on excitement for the future (and excellent coffee), I wore my little old self out! 

I started out with a couple of pretty important meetings, with a factory in NYC and my factory agent. I'm one step closer to knowing the where for belle&beanzer!! Fall 2012 launch is months away, but for the calendar that really means just around the corner for selling and production. I'm going to go ahead and admit that I feel like I'm in a factory fog. The plus is that I have options. For so many fashion entrepreneurs the buck stops here. They can't find a relationship with anyone. I'm completely aware of my good fortune to work with a good guy in the industry, and have options I'm happy with. The fog is all about how LONG I've been in this phase. It feels like forever. So, that was the intense part. Talking numbers, talking time-line, talking fabrics, talking process of production. 

After that, I met my old friend and previous boss for lunch at a middle eastern restaurant.
He's very fabulous, funny, and smart. He's the kind of guy you just like to be around. 
We feasted on Laffa, hummus, various salads and falafels. OH. YUM.

Next up, was MY time. On, a 50 degree day in January, in NYC, with everything to look forward to ahead of me, I disappeared into the garment district and had an amazing 3 hours…

…I grabbed an Americano and warm (enormous) chocolate chip cookie from a very cool cafe…
I dare you not to love this wallpaper! 

…I hit the trims and notions stores for bits and bobbles for the line…

M&J Trimming is always my first stop for trim

…I found almost everything I was looking for, but no 6 hole buttons!
That's typical for me. I have something very specific in mind, and no one has it.
So I hit another store and marveled at the rainbow selections…
This is one of like 10 rows

 …last stops were into the fabric stores. I always hit Mood first…
Touchy-feely around every corner. How can you NOT have fun?

…and wrapped up my adventure making the choice to walk 20 blocks back to my car,
as I talked with one of my long time best friends and filled her in on it all!

You know, I didn't find everything. Every piece wasn't perfect.
But, that's part of the journey. The story. And, it was FUN!

Friday, January 6, 2012


What. A. Beeeaaauuutiful. Week.
This was my first official week of living my belle&beanzer dream.

Seriously, I loved every minute of it. I woke. I smiled. I meditated. I coffeed myself. I cuddled my little babies. I cuddled my big babe. I cuddled my little four legged furry. More smiling. I reflected. I strategized. I drew. I planned. I freaked out a couple times. I felt like I was flying. More smiling.

my creative space in transition
I took down everything 2011 from around my desk. I've begun the building, and have set the stage for the layering process in 2012. This week, I built the foundation. All my equipment is working, it makes sense to me where it is, it's easily available. However, that scanner is outta there! Work table coming...

I put the most important things directly in front of me in my sight line. My vision, my mission, my values, and my goals. Every day, I soak it in. And, yes, those are little legs dangling. Yes, it's a piece of the line. No, it's not going to be purple. Available fabrics, people!

You've probably noticed my blog looks different. I always intended to do this. My friend Kim Salter, of Design Thoughts featured me on her design blog a good long time ago now. At the time I thought, nothing like a deadline to get it done! So, I quickly threw up my blog with those pictures of me when I was a kid. The branding work is not done yet. I'm working on it. But, I'm feeling good about the direction so far, and a little frustrated that I can't upload my own fonts to blogger or select them from a database somehow. grumble. Anyhow, logos and more fun stuff to come!!  This is just the beginning!!

So comes the weekend, and there is plenty to do. More than I have time for, and for once I don't hate that. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!! 
picking colors

What is your reaction to new direction I'm taking with the look of b&b blog?
I'd looooove to read your comments!!