Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Embracing Tubby Time - The antics make it all worth it!!

I've been thinking a lot about all them moments that make up a day. Some of them sort of suck. Some of them you go to your mental happy place and push through. If you've read my story, you sooo know I get it.

Tubby time shouldn't be one of those times. The books, and product pics talk about the soothing warm water, bubbles clinging to chubby little arms and cheeks, and sweet giggles as you gently bath your children and they ease into calmness as they prepare to go to sleep.

from my instagram feed @belleandbeanzer

Tubby time, in our home, has become the time the kids act like we just gave them lines of cocaine.
Screeches reaching never dreamed of ear shattering notes, flooded bathroom floors, wash cloth & toy fights with laughter and tears, non-verbal crazy talk, and lots of pretending to be giant whales.

Last night, wI had briefly stepped from the room (yes, I was hiding), and was listening to my husband and kids...

"Okay, come on, let's get our jammies on..."

"but we can't move! we're stuck! we're rocks!"
(hidden under their towels on the floor in the hallway)

"come on guys, it's jammie time..."

"we're rocks!! I'm Jonah Rock!"

and then...

"oh, Jonah Rock, huh??"


"hmm, so I guess I have to move this VERY heavy rock. Wow, it's so big...maybe I'll just swing it over my shoulder..."

"no!! It's not a rock!! It's ME... Jonah!!" followed by laughter from both the boys

meanwhile my daughter is still curled up on the floor giggling maniacally under her towel, waiting for her turn to be "discovered" she's still really our little peanut-girl.

guess what? it took 1 minute to pretend they were rocks and they got dressed. why not embrace it and let my kids be rocks? embracing it changed the whole event from a struggle to connection.

In other news! belle&beanzer will be at the Brooklyn BabyFest this weekend!! YAHOO!! Check out our invite on our FB Page, and our Newsletter for more details!!