Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Photo Shoot: Check out this little cutie in our holiday 2012 launch line

happy Friday, all! as we wind up this monday-friday, we are excited to share a few more sneak peeks at our holiday 2012 launch line. If you missed the peeks at the two previous, they are work a look! click here to see our very first holiday launch line photo shoot with this 9 month old sweet pea, and click here for the little 9 wk old flirt we spent the day with. yesterday we were in NYC, and spent the day with this 4 month bright eyed hunka cheeks and her dad. enjoy!!

oh, HI! sweet cheeks in our bib&burp cloth

holding hands with dad, wearing our cloud dancer romper with picot trim

lounging in our stripy romper. so comfy and soft!

sweet tush & a cuddle with dad in our stripy romper

girl on the go! wearing our cloud dancer romper with picot trim and stripy booties

waaiit, she has to check her shoes for a quick minute. wowie, unbelievable soft and comfortable! Okay, let's go!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spending the day with a 9wk old little flirt

we had another photo shoot yesterday for our holiday 2012 launch line. we spent yesterday with a 9 week old little flirty-flirt! in these photos & video he's wearing our stripey roo gown, and has just had a blissful nursing with mama snuggled with our big love blanket. they were snuggling, giggling, touching and talking the entire time…connecting…just what we'd intended when we designed the line. really, we just stood there and filmed it while it all happened naturally :) watch and enjoy!

somewhere between dreams

oh, hello!

it's life funny?!

Monday, October 15, 2012

L-Day = LAUNCH DAY...but a bit less launchy than we'd hoped

today is L-Day...LAUNCH DAY. however, it's a little less launchy than we'd hoped. by that, we mean our line is still in-transit to our offices. it is arriving a wee bit later this month, and our amazing community of families will be receiving an opportunity to pre-order from our holiday line next week! if you haven't signed up for our newsletter, now is a great time.

what's next is a full week dedicated to showing you where we've come from and where are are now. we've been gathering all the original photos and videos, and it has been a fun, and funny walk down memory lane. the line really has evolved and gotten clear on it's purpose and intent. we hope you will enjoy it as much as we have!

we're starting from the beginning and our first ever prototypes modeled by then little jonah, who was only about 6 months old... even our little ava found a way to squeeze into them, as you'll see below:

we'll continue with our shares right up to our photo shoots from our holiday line. with a full detail and description of our design innovation, quality, fit and artwork. can't help ourselves, here is a tiny sneak peek from our first baby photo shoot!

also up for this week is to announce our winners of the embracing the moment photo contest!! what a turn out!! we absolutely adored the photos of the sweet babies and their amazing families. it really is a beautiful thing when you can see how we are all connected as parents through our special moments with our children. we truly hope you got and continue to receive some excellent "feel good" time as you voted for the little peanuts!

last but not least, we are busy hand screening our artwork for the holiday line in our studio. 
look for more shares coming your way daily!! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

our holiday 2012 launch line: sneak peek here!!

you've been patiently waiting to see what this line is all about! well, ask and you shall receive!

that's how it's looking to a 5 year old, anyhow. little A has her own "art table" in my office, where we often work side-by-side. yesterday, she handed this to me and walked me through her baby clothes. if you look closely, you might see a little holiday art form her mama, in the background :) 

in all seriousness, if you missed my post on the garment finishings and details,
please check it out here! it is a walk through of all the pieces, fabrication, construction, design philosophy and the special innovative features that answer the need, the call, for innovative baby clothes designed for little people, and the big people who dress them. they're about connection, creativity, quality, comfort and simplicity.

then, head's up for next week because it's going to be a week of pictures, photos and big reveals for the line. we will be sharing how we got here, and where we are. we are so grateful to have you all here with us!