Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday: up to 30% off + free ground shipping!

it's been an amazing launch, and I cannot wait to share the good, bads, uglies, highs and lows with you! but, today, it's all about cyber monday and in honor of our launch we are offering a reeeaaallly good promotion: up to 30% off plus free ground shipping. little extra bonus? check out the gift sets, they're already marked down, do the math, it's a pretty awesome deal!

before I go, for now, a HUGE thank you to everyone for making this launch such a huge success!!
i "heart" you!


Friday, November 23, 2012

black friday to cyber monday!

Ready? THANKYOU10 now also includes free ground shipping.
AND we went 4 better than that. Up to 30% off, plus FREE ground shipping!

100% pima cotton
hand painted, original inspirational artwork
innovative design in every garment to encourage connection and give the gift of ease

NOW all 10-30% off plus free ground shipping:
black friday through cyber monday. 
how about that?


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!! In deepest gratitude for YOU! The holiday shop is OPEN!!

WE. HAVE. LAUNCHED!! our holiday shop is open!!! we want to thank you for your patience while great launching adventure unfolds. more than that, we want to thank you for your support, interest, and enthusiasm while we launch this line.

“it has been three years in the dreaming, creating, and doing. my team and I have poured our hearts into this line, some tears and a lot of laughs. we hope you feel that reflected in the softness of the pima cotton as you snuggle your baby, your smile you feel the artwork reflected in your heart, and your relief and trust as you rely on the functionality and durability of the garments. in deepest gratitude to YOU, your family, and all the effort you put into your every day, we are offering 10% off our entire collection now, Thursday through Sunday. Just enter the code THANKYOU10 at check out.
  thank you, rebecca lazaroff - founder/ceo”

we have a beautifully inspired collection for you to choose from. did you know each piece is a  handpainted piece of artwork? yup! how’s that for awesome? it’s literally hands-on love in each piece. so, you may see some small differences from piece to piece, but we think that’s what makes them special and unique. an original, like your little one! take a little look and then go shop already! :)


Saturday, November 10, 2012

They are the beat of my heart, the pulse in my veins, and the energy in my soul. They are my kids.

I love this pic more every time I see it. Daddy and daughter were having some "us" time, and I wandered in and this picture is what I found. Daddy quietly laying there, all ego aside as, our 2 year old "decorated" him with her treasures.

I am reminded of this quote I love, author unknown:
"They know me in a way no one ever has. They open me to things I never knew existed. They drive me to insanity and push me to my depths. They are the beat of my heart, the pulse in my veins, and the energy in my soul. They are my kids."

We are not very patiently awaiting our production shipment, due to arrive on Monday. In the mean time, it's a creative weekend ahead of uploads to our website, and FB fan page.

Holiday shop is almost open!!!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear Mom, I love your baby clothes. Your babies will love your clothes.

It was exactly this time, last year that I posted Life is Full after the Halloween blizzard. Once again we found ourselves needing to work a little harder, connect a little more, rely on our creativity, resourcefulness and optimism, and come together as a couple, family, neighborhood, community and country.

Through it all, our production is on it's way, preorders will begin soon, artwork is being screened right now, and things are moving forward in their own way. Not the planned way, but we'll take it.

Our hope is that everyone affected by hurricane sandy is safe, surrounded by community and warmth. Our best wishes and hearts are with you!!

we had a birthday party JUST in time...
my oldest sweet pea turned 6

…we prepared for the storm…
my husband deflated the kids yard toys in his own special way

…families were evacuated and came together…
I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome having a baby in the house

…we made cake (on the floor)…
with one working outlet in the livingroom, and scrapped together supplies

 …we celebrated…
thrilled doesn't describe the happiness, waking up to your own bday cake

…we assessed the damage, and were grateful…
yup. that was our driveway

…the sun came out…

…we went trick or treating anyhow…
sassy pants and muscle man

…we had time to think through our artwork and be more authentic…
SO much happier with these graphics, LOVE

…can you ever craft enough?…

…we had another birthday, and gifted our favorite things…

…we cut screens, mixed colors, and played with stamps…
turns out, my kids are REALLY good at this, I may hire them :)

…we received unexpected support…
"dear mom, I love your baby clothes. Your babies will love your clothes."
From my sweet 6 year old as I worked on the artwork for the holiday line.