Sunday, September 8, 2013

Easy like sunday morning? Is your morning more beautiful than you think?

Last week, mommy shorts blogged about this photo shoot.  I don't normally comment on posts. Ever. Which is silly because I LOVE it when people comment on mine!! But, this one compelled me because it's near and dear to my heart. I'm not sure if it was fully intended to communicate this way, but what this post read to me was about the realization, the real seeing, of your beautiful moments in your day when you can shift your perspective just a tad. Through these photos, the author was able to see all those little moments through an other's eyes, and ultimately acknowledge and see it for herself. That is what embracing the moment, our mission, is all about. I cannot change the pace of life, or reorganize the flow of your day. But, I can bring you moments of opportunity. I can bring comfort and ease to the 15-100 diaper changes and care-taking moments, so you can more easily embrace that moment with your baby - focused on that sweet face, those little fingers, thigh rolls, and soft bellies. 

That said, it takes one to know one, right? It became my mission to strengthen connections between parent and child through smart design, because I was that busy mom. NOT focused on the moments. I was that busy mom just getting through it all. I was that busy mom who couldn't see the forest for the trees. Then I had my ah-ha moment, and my perspective changed. That is not to say I'm all changed. DAILY, I remind myself and work at this.

moments from a typical weekend morning. coffee, reading, knitting and fighting dragons before 9am.

My comment: 
"Okay, so throwing my comment in the ring :) I work from home, and have just launched my own/first business. I'm up, get the kids up, morning milkies for them and coffee for me, snuggle on the couch and then things usually go south. My son demands breakfast to the tune of

"HEY?! Where are my cheerios?!!" and my daughter refuses it. "sigh. I'm just not hungry, mom." 

Then begins The Game of Clothes. She wants him to get dressed first, he wants her to get dressed first. This morning it's Him. He wants to be dressed on the couch. He wants me to pick out his clothes. I agree. I pick them out. As soon as I return with them, he jumps up and runs away from me to the other end of the couch...laughing.

"come on, buddy, let's get dressed now"
"HAHA, nooooooooooooo!"

and my panic button goes off because it's turned into a frown and whine face.

"look what I picked out for you!" 
"NO. I don't like that shirt."
"okay, go pick another one out."
"NO. YOU."

This goes on for some time until potentially he's melted down and/or I give up and turn my attention to HER. She's older and she knows that I haven't actually dressed him so technically it's NOT her turn yet. I'm not ashamed to say, I beg.

"please, honey, he needs to calm down and we all need to get going."

She has pity on me. After a few shoes changes, and fixing the placement of her pony tail 3x.

"not, there. THERE!"

She is dressed and begins to chase her undressed brother around the house. This distracts him and he doesn't even know I'm changing his clothes. Clock check. Yup, supposed to have left 5 minutes ago. Run to fridge, no lunch boxes. We both forgot. Leftover noodles, juice box, carrot sticks, cheese sticks. Done! throw those in the back packs and let's go! aaand, I'm in my jammies. Pull back hair in to ponytail, throw in jeans and a tee. Glance in mirror, run fingers under eyes. Good enough. Let's go!

Not so fast, mama! he wants to be carried downstairs and she forgot something in her room. Two trips to the car and she's gracefully, a la Ms Universe, coming down the stairs.


He's now gotten out of the car and has found some dirt to play in or puddle to jump in. Well if he can, she can! 

(let's go, let's go!!)

I pick up children that windmill their arms and legs in the direction of their new attention. In. Buckled. GO. 

School started 2 minutes ago. Adrenaline pumping, nail biting, I brace myself for THE LOOK. The late pass woman at Her school knows me too well. Dropping Him off, we're there too late, no adjustment time and he clings to me like a life raft.

20 minutes later, I've started my day an hour late. I haven't eaten, showered or brushed my teeth. Sadly, this IS 75% of the time. you'd think I'd do myself a favor now and again...make sure bags are packed, get up and shower first, etc. I guess I'm into self sabotage! ;)

That said, there are the little moments. Morning hugs as they cling to me when they first wake, "hi, mama." Kissing my son's belly as I dress him another one of them. When he stands in front of me, it's right in my eye line. Smelling my daughter's hair as I brush it and kissing her cheeks as she proudly smiles at me in the mirror. [addendum: since writing this comment, I can think of so many more!] I really appreciated this post. Yes, there are so many beautiful moments to the morning. Maybe I'll put on opera during our car chase of a morning tomorrow! :)"

Happy Sunday all! If you haven't started school already (our first day is tomorrow), enjoy the moments during your car chase!! Focus on those! :)