Friday, February 24, 2012

It looked like summer, but it was not

I have recently made every sincere commitment to blog regularly, but wrapping up business, overcoming a case of strep, and packing for a family of 4 overcame me this week.

We are actually on a little family vacation, complete with beach, sun, sand and 80 degrees. This is our first time on a big travel trip with two children, and with me working. The work doesn't stop, like it would in a traditional job. Neither does being a mom and wife. It's been interesting juggling it all, and I'm planning my Part Two of this post to fill you in a bit on how that all went from the mom/entrepreneur perspective. It wasn't without it's ups and downs. But, I will say for now, lessons learned and so far... pretty awesome.

Yesterday afternoon, while Jonah took a much (muuuuch, much, much, did I say much?) needed nap, Ava worked on a nature journal for her own little quiet time. She collected little bits and pieces from around our bungalow, and drew them into her book, then wrote a little story. The artist heart in me was just singing with delight watching her.

Me: Ava, I think a part of you is an artist like mommy!
Ava (very serious): Mom. My WHOLE BODY is!

PROLOGUE: The artist's method
Me peeking out at Ava while she's talking, singing and sounding out her words

more working, singing, sounding, imagining

CHAPTER 1: The Journey Begins
Our airplane. The houses in the back, left to right, are: home, Nantucket, Florida and China

Page 1: "Winter,…"
A dramatic beginning, makes you want more, right? :)
The root vegetable looking objects under the grass are hearts, bc "I love winter"

PAGE 2: "I went to the Florida House, and I..."
Smart girl already understands how to hook the reader with a cliff hanger

Page 3: "…loved it. It was winter, but it looked…"
The main character starts to question what she sees as real

Page 4: "…like summer, but it was not summer, but it looked like summer…"
The plot thickens, as we reach the height of conflict and understanding

 Page 5: "…every day it was hot."
All issues were resolved, and characters resolved to enjoy every day that it was hot,
even though it was winter but looked like summer. 
The end.

Epilogue: Behind the scenes
Missing in picture: VINB (very important napping boy). This is what was going on behind the scenes while I tried to complete this blog. NO small feat. I totally get guest blogging now.


  1. OMG, I think my favorite part about this entire story, is the way Ava was sitting :) Thank you for sharing this piece of your family with us :)

  2. Beauty and light... thank you for sharing! xoxox