Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I love you a lot...meto!

Yup, my girl is a full blown glitter girl who likes to climb mountains in a tutu and jewelry.
She is THE BEST!

We were trying out her new glitter markers. How awesome is it to be a parent and have access to loads of arts and craft materials with no real "project" in mind?? The whole goal is to experiment and draw things that make you smile. just have fun. Such a good reminder as a parent, and as I develop artwork for the line. I was doodling around, and drew this little picture for her…

Do you think she loved it? Her name in glittery purple? Hearts, flower and dots?
She surprised me with a surprise drawing for me in return…
Meto = Me too. She's learning to spell and doing a wonderful job!
After I cleared the lump from my throat, I was looking at the two pictures, and really seeing how she was reflecting and answering me. meto…meto…meto…I couldn't help think how it's so true in all aspects of life. You get what you put into it. It's been a goal of mine to build an active social media life around belle&beanzer before the line launches. 

On that note, I've been busy building all the in-roads to belle&beanzer business, and I'm finally connecting them. is up and has a friendly little welcome message directing traffic to my blog, for now. Soon…soon…soon… a website grand opening. Yaaay!

After much trial and error,  I was able to add follow me buttons for my pinterest board, twitter and… wait for itfacebook business page. TADA!! That's the reveal of the week! All pages link back to each other, and the links work. That was a really big deal for me.
Just ask some of my friends I've been pestering for help…
~THANK YOU~ Lisa, Learn from Lisa, and Kim, Design Thoughts!!

Another big moment of the week was calling Playtime to register for information for the fall show which will be previewing spring 2013. My. First. Tradeshow!!!
I was SO excited when I made the call, I was a little bit gushing. I think I actually said,
"I'm in-love with the line." Which is 100% true. The reflection? The answer?
wow, what a moment!

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