Thursday, October 4, 2012

our holiday 2012 launch line: sneak peek here!!

you've been patiently waiting to see what this line is all about! well, ask and you shall receive!

that's how it's looking to a 5 year old, anyhow. little A has her own "art table" in my office, where we often work side-by-side. yesterday, she handed this to me and walked me through her baby clothes. if you look closely, you might see a little holiday art form her mama, in the background :) 

in all seriousness, if you missed my post on the garment finishings and details,
please check it out here! it is a walk through of all the pieces, fabrication, construction, design philosophy and the special innovative features that answer the need, the call, for innovative baby clothes designed for little people, and the big people who dress them. they're about connection, creativity, quality, comfort and simplicity.

then, head's up for next week because it's going to be a week of pictures, photos and big reveals for the line. we will be sharing how we got here, and where we are. we are so grateful to have you all here with us! 

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