Saturday, September 15, 2012

I know & you know that you wanted to know: garment finishing & details

we've got some pictures & details for you, FINALLY!
check out our garment finishings & details page on our website...

you know our message is embracing the moment. you know it's inspired by my experience as a designer and baby clothes being designed for boxes and hangers, rather than for babies & families, as well as a mom and my realization that we were disconnected from precious moments.

this line is about designing into the pieces to encourage simplicity, connection and gentle touch while keeping all the creativity, cuteness, excellent quality, comfort and softness you expect.

well, enough from ME, go take a look and read about the pieces in the line coming soon to YOU!

here's a sneak peek...

BTW, we are running an embracing the moment photo contest.

1. Fill out form below & upload your photo:
Choose one favorite photo, and submit it just once. The ideal photo size is 100KB, if it's larger we will resize to fit properly. Photos are not expected to be professional quality, it's all about those real moments, but if your picture is too small, blurry, dark or bright, it will be hard for others to see and vote for it.

2. All qualified entries will be posted to our Facebook fan page for viewing and voting.

3. Vote! You may vote just once for any one photo, so spread that word so your friends and family can vote for your photo!

There will be 2 winning opportunities. 1) Grand Prize winner will be selected by the belle&beanzer panel of judges and will receive one (1) 4 piece holiday gift pack, 2) Winner by popular vote will receive one (1) two piece gift set from our holiday collection. Winners will be contacted and announced October 13-15th.

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