Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This little piggy...

Little piggy toes everywhere!  I promise you, you will not go cold!

Through no fault of your own, and a few little harmless kicky-kicks (some might even call it developmental) will you have to endure a Popsicle-like cold existence. Those of you who love those little piggies (and the babies attached to them), gone are the days of turning the stroller around and, in vain, tracing your steps to find a lost sock. Hey, you can still cup those toes in your hand to warm them up if you want to, a little nibble and giggle as well, but it'll be just for fun and the pure love of those perfect pudgy piggy toes. 

This is my way of saying that today's project bootie prototype went well today, and another little bootie reveal. They're soft, snugly, special aaaannnnnd they don't fall off!!

I pulled out my needle, thread, pencil, muslin and fabric and sewed and measured, measured and sewed. It's just what I had in mind (functionally) and I'm oh-so happy with it. Now it's off to the factory to get gorgeous looking!

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