Thursday, March 22, 2012

Loose yourself in a good story

I've questioned it, doubted it, and been flabbergasted by it. But, my allergies don't lie.

Spring. Has. Sprung. 

So, we brought out the deck furniture we wasted our time putting away, and we've been enjoying spring "summer-like" evenings outside together.

Ava surprised me and brought out the Eeboo Tell Me A Story cards. If you haven't seen them yet, they are beautifully illustrated story cards. Pictures only, no text. Each person picks a card and tells a piece, the next piece, of the story that is inspired by the card. It's different every time, and is SUCH an opportunity to really hear your children, and get a peek into those amazing little minds. 

Ours went something like this…
(yes, I picked the first card. It was a small witch in a bottle.)

once upon a time there was a witch, and she was HUGE. I mean, like, really, really big. Waaay bigger than everyone in her village. while this little witch did have a big kind heart, she also had a very bad temper. when she was mad, she stomped her feet, she plugged her big ears when she didn't want to listen, and shouted louder than anyone. and, when she stomped, the village rumbled, and when she shouted the homes shook. the villagers were upset, so they told the queen. and the queen said, "sweet little witch, you are a kind and good witch. but, your temper is destroying our village. if you do not stop, i will have no choice but to shrink you no bigger than my thumb" the little witch new she should not stomp and shout, but once again she became angry, and she did. the village streets cracked, the villager's homes shook and some fell, and again and three more times! and the queen told her,"sweet little witch, you are a kind and good witch. but when you loose your temper it destroys our village, and because you cannot stop, i must shrink you no bigger than my thumb," and with that, the queen cast a magic spell and poof! There sat a now tiny little witch. Into a bottle she went for safe keeping, and time to think...

…that little witch did not like being in a bottle, so she wrote a long letter and threw it out into the ocean for someone to read and come find her. it floated along until a tiny leprechaun found it. he was small like her, and had never been big. he thought she sounded sad, decided to come find her and be her friend…

…along the way, the leprechaun came across a great big castle. he did not see anyone in the windows our outside. but, he was tired from his long trip and needed a nap and some food. so, he decided to visit the castle to see if anyone was home and would give him some food and a bed to nap…

…when he was almost to the castle, he met a magic fairy, but she was really a princess and didn't know it. They made friends, and decided to go to the castle together. It turned out that the castle was HERS and she was the long, lost princess fairy of the kingdom! Everyone was so happy to have her home. They decided to throw her a big party. The princess and the leprechaun wanted to go find the witch and invite her to the party too…

…they found the sweet little witch, and she had been thinking about it and decided she was happier when she used all her bigness: heart and body, and she was very excited for the party. So, the princess fairy cast a magic spell and the witch was big again. She was big enough to carry everyone in the village to the party in her hands.
Everyone danced and had a lot of fun. 

Then End.

When is the last time you totally made up a story?
What is your favorite childhood story?
What's the best story your child has shared with you?


  1. Made a story up yesterday about a secret agent Trey who had the impossible mission of making sure the monster did not eat all the ice cream. Boys :)

    1. HA! no doubt, secret agent Trey was up to the mission!!

  2. Every other night ( G and I switch on and off) I tell Liam a story about Sammy the Flying Dinosaur and how he knocks on Liams window to get him out of bed, they fly all over the world :)
    I LOVE the cards!!! GREAT idea!!

    1. I love Sammy the flying dinosaur. Does he have a picture drawn of him yet??