Saturday, December 31, 2011

embracing the moment

This is a quickie post, and the first of many big reveals for 2012. My family is
patiently waiting (some more than others) for me, so we can head out for our
New Year's adventure. Here is a little collection of moments from Christmas day,
when Ava, Jonah and I embraced the moment and got silly together. 

Embrace your moments.
It's a gift. An opportunity. It's for you. For your child/ren. For your family. 


  1. Rebecca, these photos are so sweet. Pure joy beaming from your children's eyes. Nothing is more precious, huh? We too are savoring the sweetness of Dahlia's 2nd year. Every day we marvel at her, she eats it up. It is a symbiotic relationship at its finest ;)

  2. Julie! Thank you :) Nope, nothing more precious. You've got one special daughter, you know. When we met, as my beautiful baby model, I was so struck by her peace, connectedness and affection.