Friday, January 6, 2012


What. A. Beeeaaauuutiful. Week.
This was my first official week of living my belle&beanzer dream.

Seriously, I loved every minute of it. I woke. I smiled. I meditated. I coffeed myself. I cuddled my little babies. I cuddled my big babe. I cuddled my little four legged furry. More smiling. I reflected. I strategized. I drew. I planned. I freaked out a couple times. I felt like I was flying. More smiling.

my creative space in transition
I took down everything 2011 from around my desk. I've begun the building, and have set the stage for the layering process in 2012. This week, I built the foundation. All my equipment is working, it makes sense to me where it is, it's easily available. However, that scanner is outta there! Work table coming...

I put the most important things directly in front of me in my sight line. My vision, my mission, my values, and my goals. Every day, I soak it in. And, yes, those are little legs dangling. Yes, it's a piece of the line. No, it's not going to be purple. Available fabrics, people!

You've probably noticed my blog looks different. I always intended to do this. My friend Kim Salter, of Design Thoughts featured me on her design blog a good long time ago now. At the time I thought, nothing like a deadline to get it done! So, I quickly threw up my blog with those pictures of me when I was a kid. The branding work is not done yet. I'm working on it. But, I'm feeling good about the direction so far, and a little frustrated that I can't upload my own fonts to blogger or select them from a database somehow. grumble. Anyhow, logos and more fun stuff to come!!  This is just the beginning!!

So comes the weekend, and there is plenty to do. More than I have time for, and for once I don't hate that. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!! 
picking colors

What is your reaction to new direction I'm taking with the look of b&b blog?
I'd looooove to read your comments!! 


  1. This post gave me goosebumps!!! I'm soooo excited for you and can't wait to see your line. Love the new look of the blog; its bright and clean. Keep it comin' mama...

  2. Lisa, Thank you!! goosebumps, really? I really cannot wait to share with you. Everything is so very close. Many more big reveals coming up! Thanks for the feedback on the blog. I have more to add/layer onto this. This is sort of the basic foundation of it all. XO, R

  3. You are awesome! I am so excited for this to be your year to take off! I love your new's funny how there are so many decisions:)

    1. Hey! Thank you! I'm so excited for this to be THE year, as well. The new look isn't done yet. This is phase one. But, yes, there are so many decisions to make, gotta take it one thing at a time!