Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 6: we can all use more little more lovies

welcome to DAY 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!
Day 6 brings you all little lovies at 20% off!
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we can all use a little more lovies! our little lovies are made just for little hands.
ultra soft & absorbent french terry side provides tactile exploration and the pima
cotton side is luxuriously soft for self soothing and snuggling.

oh little lovie, we do love you so! some day my children will not appreciate this,
but I’m spilling the beans. they both sleep with their “fwanky.” no, that was not baby talk
for blanky. my older daughter made it up one day when she was about 18 mos, and from then
on it was Fwanky. Fwanky is a she, white and pink, and about the size of a throw pillow. she’s
pulling apart a bit, has been caressed thread bare in places. she’s beloved.

babies lo-o-oo-ove tactile play and soothing. our little lovie has an absorbent french terry side, which they really enjoy exploring and touching. plus, it does comes in really handy when juicy parenting comes into play. the Pima Cotton side is all about snuggling, nuzzling, and soothing. ready for snuggles, play and spills, all our little lovies are 20% off aaaaallll day!
click, shop, ENJOY!! xo


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