Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 3 of 12: bib&burps changing the landscape of juicy parenting 20% off today!

welcome to DAY 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas!!
Day 2 brings you all our bib&burps at 20% off!! 

okay, let’s share and maybe gripe a little. how many times have you picked up your burp cloth off the floor today? how many bibs has your sweet little drooler soaked thru, as well as the onesie beneath it?

when my little guys were bitty, the bibs and burp cloths became a core piece of my day, my clothing and my diaper bag. here’s what I found frustrating... the burp cloth slipped off my shoulder CONSTANTLY, and the bib didn’t have adequate coverage or absorption. no big deal, you say? tell that to a tired parent, who is gently soothing a fussy baby who lets go all over their shoulder, and realizes the burp cloth has slipped off somewhere, sometime, some place. now we can’t guarantee absolutely no slippage. but, we can tell you this sucker really hangs in there. then, we took it to the next level and doubled it up as a bib by simply adding snaps on both sides. the same contoured shape that works so well for staying on your shoulder also makes it the perfect full coverage bib. did we mention the babies love to play with it too?

one side is ultra soft 100% pima cotton, which is super absorbent all by it’s self. we lined the other side with 100% cotton french terry, which is just as gentle & soothing against baby's skin as the pima cotton side. double absorption power.

it’s really win-win-win-win-win and win.


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