Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day 2 of 12: Have you met our rompers?? 25% off today only!

how are you enjoying your 12 days of holiday gifts?
today it's all about the rompers. 

have you met our rompers yet? a playful peek-a-boo over the head, and this little piggy
over the legs. our rompers are designed with an easy elastic back opening so you & your
baby will quickly & easily enjoy many dressing & changing positions: on back, on lap,
standing, sitting & (our favorite) face-to-face.

this active, social little peanut, was all over the place. sitting down, rolling over, playing. she was all about eye contact and communication. which is REALLY easy with our rompers. she’s clearly acing all her milestones :)

this sweet one, was ENTIRELY uninterested in being changed her on her back. dad picked
his girl right up and changed her in his arms. it's amazing how a small shift in perspective
can change the whole mood! ooookay, it’s true, we can’t compete with the joys of baby nudie
time, but she IS snuggled down on our big love blanket in the last pic.
happy baby or what? 
the lap shoulder construction makes it easy to pull over baby's head. it opens to shoulder width,
so for newborns, we recommend just sliding it up from the toes. diaper changes are a breeze,
and no need to fully undress your baby, especially a newborn. the easy elastic back opening
also allows skin-to-skin contact when only that touch can do.

day 2 of our 12 days of Christmas brings you all our rompers at 25% off!! 


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