Saturday, October 8, 2011

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I love my home office. Truth? Mostly bc it's mine. Sort of ;) It's a work in progress, functionally and aesthetically. I have lots of ideas I collect on my home office board on pinterest.

Ever heard the saying that we thrive in our routines, and delight in the surprise? I happen to believe it. I believe we like to know what to expect, and we want a little surprise to remind us of our individuality. It's riding that line of the familiar and the unexpected. To me, nothing is more truly an expression of this than working from home with small children.

I move things around, switch things out and very often wind up with a dinosaur in my drawer, princess mixed in with my pens and some plastic food nestled in with my samples. I adore finding these little treasures.

They are very respectful if my room, and absolutely want to "work" with me. Hearing a little spontaneous sing-song and laughter, vrooooom car noises, and a drive by cuddle brightens my day and is such a gift to me. In those moments, I'm fully connected with cornerstones of my business: Family. Motherhood. Creativity. Joy. Humor. Simplicity.

I now have colorful little marker scribbles on my couch (oh WHY didn't I buy the washable markers first?), my pens go missing, my pencils are out of lead and the notes in my notebooks are interspersed with little drawings.

The sassy girl in the middle is Ava being a rock star. Notice the stance with attitude.
But, the number one office supply of 2-5 year old desire are my post-its.

Ok, they are a certain 36 year's old desire too. I love them, and I'm not afraid to say it. I use them on pretty much everything. Try it out for your next to do list! It's SO much more satisfying than crossing things off. Peel off the whole thing, and throw out!! Simple, sweet thrill! You'll notice they hold just enough space for a reasonable amount to do in a day too. They can be easily transferred from notebook to notebook.

If I'm going to reveal the true me, the only supplies that trump post-its are notebooks and pens. I'm addicted. Seriously, don't "borrow" my fav pen. I'll laugh and be friendly, but it's no joke. I'm just kidding (not really)...

So, being that I love post-its, I have them in many shapes and colors: bright pink, orange, green and blue, and flowers, stars and hearts. My daughter saw them, and I saw her little pupils dilate.

I'm a sharer (lets forget the whole pen thing for now), but feeling a little mine my beloved little ones (the post-its I'm referring to), and after several stacks went "missing," I suggested that we pick up some of her very own. Win-win.
Ava decorating my floor
Fastforward to yesterday. We bought Ava her own stack of pink and orange heart-shaped post-its. We got home and Ava's fingers were positively wiggling in anticipation. She quietly colored on them for nearly 2 hours.  It was the start of our evening, and we were busy with dinner, baths, milkies, laundry, lunchboxes, and finding lovies. After the house was quiet, it was just me and Andrew and we were getting ready for bed. I pulled back my pillow and found little post-it hearts sticking to the back. Andrew found a surprise for him too. Then he asked, "yeah, what's with all the hearts all over the house?"

Turns out that Ava had been busy filling out little messages on her post-it hearts, and sticking them around our home.

Flanked with love
Love Machine
I won't take them down until the glue dries up and they fall off. Talk about humor, joy, delight and the simplicity of straightforward love. Hers and ours.
Sweet Dreams


  1. Oh. MY.Gosh. If that is not the sweetest, most adorable, most "make your heart literaly melt" thing to do, I dont know what is!! will FOREVER remember those secret little hearts, what a treasure!! <3

  2. Oh I agree with Kim! How absolutely adorable :)

    Suzy xxx

  3. Yeah, Ava is quite the post it she got that from you babe! Every time she comes with me to work, she finds the stack of post its and creates a trail around our office...

  4. Kim and Suzy, thank you! I truly will always remember this time.