Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fab Fam Weekend

That's right. As in, Fabulous Family. Me, my brother, mom and pop have been calling ourselves that for as long as I can remember. Pretty much any event or activity that includes us all is labeled Fab Fam and/or World Famous. We just had our yearly Fab Fam weekend, and hung out at my Pop's lake house and ate World Famous spaghetti.

It was a beautiful fall weekend. I can't even express it fully. Everyone was in a great mood, lots of laughter and fun. 50-ish degrees, sunny, leaves had changed. Absolutely perfect. 

This year my little Fab Fam decided to stay at a B&B, The Columns, near the lake house. It was SO inspiring! The home was filled with interesting and thoughtful vignettes. I had been itching to go to the Vintage Crawl in Brooklyn last weekend, but my son got sick and he flat out needed mama. So, when we arrived at The Columns, and it was my own private vintage show... well, you can imagine the high pitched, "oooh!" that escaped my lips.

I could not help myself from exploring and snapping pics. Enjoy!!!

kids slept for the first time in a bed together. it was too cute!

DELIGHTED to have a fancy glass and pumpkin plates

the blue window

vintage doll house = BIG HIT

view. yes, there were horses frolicking!! 

blue lamp base. how happy is that?

loved the stain glass colors against the window

little secret room. maybe not so secret, but a girl can pretend!

big questions

little hidden bunny

little hidden bunny buddy

fierce shadow

communications control center

hello?  yes, mr, president...

view of the front from above


"i ride dat!"

this old house

"...and, I was run-ning!"

a good combo? I'm not so sure...

baby grand

me and d, those two specks are our kids

beautiful fall sky, noisy geese

Fab Fam Caravan

picking flowers

The Lake

Jonah and Pop Pop

Golden Leaf
 Do you have any favorite places that inspire you? Share them with us!


  1. LOVE your pics!! my favorites..Ava's little feet sticking out from under the curtain, the hidden bunnies ( great idea) and the picture of you and Andrew! Does that pic not sum up parenthood PERFECTLY, A beautiful day, 2 adults, in love with wine, holding a giraffe lovie with two babes running in the background. LOVE IT!!

  2. Kim, thank you! I loved that one too. In the kids room they had this sweet little half bath with a b&w toile curtain for "privacy." Ava just loved that.

  3. PS - Yes, the pic of me and drew was such a moment. I was SO happy right in that moment. Kids running, no fear of cars, fresh air, lake, my husband/my love, glass of red wine, family. Gooood stuff.

  4. WOW... love how our leaf pic came out!!! It looks beautiful against that blue sky. :-)