Friday, January 25, 2013

Puttin' the love in it! LOVE goes with anything!

anyone else been battling a cold/flu season? just teetering on feeling really bad, but not quite?
nursing their children back to health? think you're over it, just to get slammed again?
avoiding their bffs so you don't chance it... repeat scenario? 

we have. 

i found this in ava's room on a tour of duty picking up, wiping down, dropping off...

the rules when you're SICK
1. do not drink much milk (drink much milk was a tough combo to sound out)
2. do not eat sugar
3. drink special juice (more on that in a minute)
4. rest
5. eat breakfast
6. open, as needed

we decided to make a nice healthy spicy vegetarian soup to feed our bodies with good stuff. i still haven't convinced Ava to try it, but she liked making it, adding her own special ingredient!

"mama, i'm puttin' the love in. ...because love goes with anything"

i'm including our recipe for "special juice" that I make for the kids when they're
under the weather or not feeling well. both of them really enjoy it, and enjoy making it.
i'm obligated to let you know that i am not remotely a doctor or advising anyone ;) 

special juice
1 cup of brewed and cool throat coat tea.
mix equal parts: tea, coconut water, apple juice (or juice they like)
fill child's cup 3/4 the way with mixture and add: 
vitamin D drop
children's liquid multivitamin
elderberry syrup
pro biotic
a little mix or shake and enjoy! 

speaking of puttin' the love in it! we are LOVING what is coming up for rest of this winter and spring!! FUN share ahead! think uplifting, inspired, and colorful! 

happy friday, all!



  1. I am in the middle of a bellie flu nown (not me, but my little lady)...ugh. I really loved this post. I want to try your special juice...I bet my kiddos would love it!!

    1. i'm sorry to hear about your sweet pea! please, let me know if she likes it! :)