Friday, May 18, 2012

things are looking up: inspired moments

it's warm, sunny, and all you have to do is lay down in the grass,
reach out for the hand next to you, and look up. 
just. BE. right. there. 

…maybe you'll point out an unusual shape…

…you'll whisper, because you're respectful of the moment…


…your mind wanders, and it goes nowhere at the same time…

…you take a deep breath and really exhale. and suddenly, an idea hits you. it's a good one.
you feel the excitement churn in your belly. you smile. this is good.

i saw these on sweet peach and I've been looking at them all week. They are  Kathryn Kolb's photography, and I am HOOKED. There is no end to the many ways they inspire me.
I've got ideas for prints, business cards and watercolor artwork…
I want to hike, swim, garden and make mojitos! 

happy friday all! wishing you many inspired moments this weekend!