Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Fairy Tale

Next entry, I promise, will be the genesis of this blog. This venture. This adventure.
For now, it's enough that it's simply UP! THANK YOU, Kim

WHO: Me. A wife, a mom, a designer. 

WHAT: A clothing line newborn-2T. Totally cute. Totally easy. 

WHY: Because I had a great idea, and I had the support and love to go for it. Because, we can all use more of those little minutes here and there added up to create more time and space for connecting, laughing, and just being. Because It can be that easy...that simple. 

more to come...


  1. What a great accomplishment!! Eliminatiing 4 hours of commuting would be enough for me:) Looking forward to seeing pieces you designs. How fun to harness your passion!!! Good Luck!

  2. Hi Rebecca, what a great name :) Thank you so much for commenting and your thoughts. Elminating the commute was like removing the bit in my mouth. Ahhh, sweet relief!! Working on the line has been amazing. Truly a dream come true. I look forward to sharing it with you, and welcome all feedback!!