Sunday, June 15, 2014


this is a picture from almost eight years ago, and our first day home with our first-born. or maybe it was night? who could really tell anymore? this man, is THE man that had a hand in helping to test and design the first line of fast easy, convenient and adorable baby clothes and accessory essentials made with Dad-In-Mind as much as Mom, from belle&beanzer. we love you mom, but you have to admit it, you've cornered the market in all things baby. 

this weekend, this whole month, really, (anyone else got roped into a month long father's day season??) we're celebrating this man, and all the men who are THE MAN in our lives. it's only fitting that my man star as THE MAN in our Dad's. The. Man. father's day video. watch for yourself as a Dad-in-the-know shows how dressing and changing your baby just got real simple with belle&beanzer.  the insanely cute, most dangerous baby-because he's making me want a another baby-pretty much steals the show. hello, natural born comedic timing. we liked to call him "one-take" baby. the dad is pretty hot cute too, but I guess I'm partial... I married him! 

and that's not all, folks!! starting today 6/15 thru Sunday 6/22 we are running a...

father's day gift set giveaway:3 of our quick-change garments

to enter, go to our Facebook page and like & comment on the video post. for an extra entry, share the video. for an extra, extra entry, post a father's day pic on our Facebook page. for an extra, extra, extra entry post your father's day pic on instagram and tag: @belleandbeanzer #dadstheman. winner will be picked at random and announced by wednesday 6/18. three days only! 

also, for your father's day season listening pleasure, for the month of June, we've created a music station, newly curated in honor of #fathersday. See that sliding bar with the headphones at the top of our website?? Click it. Enjoy!

see you at the giveaway!! 


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  1. Thank you so much for the giveaway! We love Belle&Beanzer!